"nathan is a poopyhead"


"carlos is a mexican name"

i don’t know what i expected

"Zachary is a jewish name"

this is just filled to the brim with wackiness and excitement aint it

"Corin is a boy name"

"Michiko is a fourth year student"

Neither of these are true for me

erika is angry


Sara is a poo

….just a poo

Madison is a stupid name

wow. okay.

Emma is a time lord

Are you fucking kidding me

Emily is a theory

the fuck i wanted to hop on the bandwagon not have an existential crisis

Martin is afraid to fly

My names doesn’t exist on Google ;_;

yeah hank.jpg

Eleanor is a beard

keep it classy 1D fandom

"Hannah is a palindrome"
Alternatively “Hana is a name”

gabe is a beast

bucky is a star

Catherine is a bad game
Thank you??

Rebecca is awesome. Google knows :P


my name is so rare that i don’t get any suggestions

trying to draw semi-realistic aph Norway and Sweden

trying to draw semi-realistic aph Norway and Sweden

13, aph Sweden/aph Norway


Kej so SuNor is my OTP, but I can’t write, so I apologize! And NATURALLY I had to make it angsty~ (I can write a more romantic one if you REALLY want, it’s just that I’m having writer’s block ;w;)

Words: 475

Norway  = Naakve

Denmark = Kristjan (Only mentioned)

Iceland = Damon (Only mentioned)

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Yaaaaaaaay :D 

The End of the Swedish Empire part 4. A historical hetalia fancomic.

part 1

part 2

part 3

Historical info under the cut

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turns out history books can be really fun to read when you’re not pressured by having to write an essay

So aside from nationality, what spurred your love for Scandinavian history, focussing on Sweden in particular? (And Carolus Rex too)

Mainly nationality i think, probably - paradoxically enough - enhanced by the fact that I went to international school for the last two years of high school.

Before that, I wasn’t all that interested in Scandinavia and thought all the Norwegians were too focused on Norwegian stuff and should be more focused on the big and important international things instead. I mean why should half of what we learned about WWII be about Nazi-occupied Norway when people all over the world were actually fighting?

Being a not very nationalistic person who also wanted more academical challenges, I took the IB Diploma Programme, including the subject History HL. It was also around this time I joined tumblr and spendt a lot of time on “international” social media in general.

In school, we also had to research and write this 4000 word essay in a subject and topic of our choosing. I chose to do it in history but had an awful lot of trouble finding a topic. At last i ended up on the wikipedia article about scandinavism, and being the kind of girl who would say things like “i think Norway and Sweden should go back into that union” when discussing politics, I understood that this was the topic for me. and so I spendt the whole summer of 2013 writing an essay. I ended up getting a B on it i think.

We also had to write a shorter essay in history. I had by then become rather interested in scandinavian history, and wanted especially to learn more about Sweden. Having gone to school in Norway, I already had a general outline of Norwegian history, while Sweden I knew very little about. Considering I was planning to move to this country, I fealt i really should know a bit about the history. And so I wrote a really shitty essay about the Great Northern War that somehow still got a 6.

So i would say that the very international perspective I found myself in made me more interested in learning about “my own” history, which I suddenly saw very little of. It was also around this time i realised that it is indeed possible to read history on your own apart from school, and I actually started googling a lot of stuff in order to make Hetalia fanart. 

I guess I like sweden in particular because it has a history that variates a lot, and unlike norway it has actually played a role in some of the bigger events as well. There’s the country breaking away from the kalmar union in 1523 and then slowly working its way up, the swedish empire in the 17th century, then the age of liberty with more parliamentarism, until Gustav III’s coup d’etat and the return to absolutism etc. 

I’m actually not sure why or when I started liking Charles XII, though in early summer of 2013 I was googling reference images for this hetalia fancomic panel 

 and thought the Carolean uniforms were pretty much the coolest thing ever (“I want one”). I knew who Charles XII was way before that though. Maybe I always thought he was cool, or maybe I just decided to like him because he had a cool army, I don’t know.

Hi senpai! I just wanted to say that you're amazing and that I love your blog, so please senpai never stop doing the things you do because everything you do is perfect..! (/)//L//(\) #ImNotTryingToBeCreepyIJustLikeYourBlog #SoPleaseSenpaiDontViewMeAsACreep #Cheers

Yay, I’m someone’s sempai!

Thank you so much anon, it makes me so happy to hear this :D

Which version looks better, the original or inverted colours? I can’t decide which to use in the comic. on one hand the original looks “better”, but inverted colours give such a creepy feeling