Hi senpai! I just wanted to say that you're amazing and that I love your blog, so please senpai never stop doing the things you do because everything you do is perfect..! (/)//L//(\) #ImNotTryingToBeCreepyIJustLikeYourBlog #SoPleaseSenpaiDontViewMeAsACreep #Cheers

Yay, I’m someone’s sempai!

Thank you so much anon, it makes me so happy to hear this :D

Which version looks better, the original or inverted colours? I can’t decide which to use in the comic. on one hand the original looks “better”, but inverted colours give such a creepy feeling

I love Sweden but the mainstream political viewpoints here are the closest thing to tumblr social justice in real life i have ever seen


What Ho!: qichi: i want this to become a meme ok, list your areas of historical…


i want this to become a meme ok, list your areas of historical interest in chronological order, also (if applicable) note when hetalia happened to you


  • Victorian England
  • generic military history
  • Germany 1914-1945
  • Russia, mainly Soviet and modern
  • ideologies in…


  • WWII in central Europe
  • West and East Germany after WWII
  • German Unification
  • Dutch Golden Age


  • Vikings
  • ancient egypt
  • the stone age 
  • The union between Norway and Sweden 1814-1905
  • ancient rome, particularily Julius Caesar 
  • Japan (the start of my weaboo years)
  • French revolution 
  • WWI
  • the Cold war
  • WWI again, especially the complex background for it.
  • the German Empire
  • the 19th century in general
  • 19th century fashion and military uniforms
  • Russian 1855 - Russian Revolution
  • 19th century nationalism and national unification movements
  • Scandinavism
  • 18th century fashion
  • Swedish Carolean era, The Great Northern War, especially Charles XII.

A lot of this list simply follows whatever we were taught in school at that time. A few are stuff i have gotten into on my own though.

Send me a stereotype about my country and I will tell you if it applies to me.


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the Sword of St Olav, pages 2-8 



next part- pages 9-16: 


I decided to upload several pages in one batch because it is more fun to read then, not to mention it takes a lot less time to link to next/previous page

sorry about the crappy picture


sorry about the crappy picture

When you get this, you have to say 5 nice things about yourself publicly, and then send it to your 10 favorite followers

yay i’m someones 10 favourite follower!

nice things about me: 

  1. I’m really good at drawing 
  2. I’m really good at maths and physics
  3. I’m not lazy (in the sense that i prefer doing stuff rather than just relaxing on my spare time)
  4. I can be really funny
  5. I’m pretty good at cooking and baking

goodbye janteloven

I got an ask recently, but when i clicked the mailbox to read and answer it, it had mysteriously vanished. So to whoever sent me that message, sorry for not answering it